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Contact: Ashley Brauchi Principal

Cameron Armstrong AD

Lefors ISD is seeking applicants for Secondary Science with possible coaching duties. Applicants must have a heart for students, academics, and a commitment to a complete academic program based on current best practices.

We are a student-centered district with emerging technology in the classroom. We maintain small class sizes and current resources for teachers and students.

Lefors ISD is a Six-Man 1A Division 2 district with 177 students Pre-K Through 12 located 11 miles southeast of Pampa, TX. Lefors ISD pays competitive wages and offers the opportunity to take on additional duties for stipends. We have excellent facilities and a strong community following. The district also has school housing available for teachers/staff and families.

It is a very exciting time in Lefors ISD, and we need you to join our staff in our mission to create Authentic, Relevant, and increasingly Complex learning experiences for our students. If you have a desire to impact students in small learning environments and change lives, Lefors ISD is the place for you.
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