Lanham Briley


11-man fan
Lanham Briley finished his career at Ft. Worth Covenant Classical last night, leading his team to their second straight TAPPS Championship.
Last year in Division III, and to the Division II title this year. Going 27 of 33 for 362 7 TD's and 1 int.
He wraps up his career going 565 comp. 900 attempts 195 TDs and 10 ints. Most of this complied in three years as he backed up his older brother Russell Briley his freshman year in which he was 22 of 49 636 yards. 14 TDs and 3int.

I am proud to have been able to coach not only an outstanding quarterback but more importantly, outstanding young man and leader.
And before you haters start saying it was weak competition, He put up huge numbers against Richland, Springs, Strawn, Baird, and Union Hill. Ask any of them if he was any good or not.