Highland ISD


11-man fan
Highland ISD is taking applications for Head Football Coach/Athletic Director/Social Studies Teacher.
Qualifications: Texas Teacher Certification, Six-Man coaching experience preferred.
Responsibilities: Head Football Coach, coordinate secondary boys' and girls' athletic programs, teach secondary social studies.
Conditions of Employment: 11-month contract
Salary Range: state base + $1000 local + $6500 coaching stipend.

Submit resumes to: Duane Hyde [email protected]
This is something I've noticed
only in 6man schools.
Most bigger schools announce
who they hired for a Coach
without anyone having to ask.
And if you apply to a bigger school
and don't get it
at least they call you to say thanks but no thanks
instead of leaving you hanging.
Did they get their man at New Home?

What happened over at Anton?

I guess I had better begin my strategy to super inflate my post count again.