Grady looking for AD-coach


Six-man expert
Grady ISD is accepting resumes for:
· Athletic Director/ Head Varsity Football
· Teaching Field : Open

Compensation Information:
· Salary Negotiable
· Low Rent Housing Available
· Insurance
· 11 -month Contract

Grady (Lenorah, Tx) is located 35 NE of Midland, Tx. Coach needs valid Texas Teacher Certificate and CDL.

Submit letter of interest and resume to:

Leandro Gonzales, Principal
3500 FM 829
Lenorah, TX 79749
talked to the principal today, sounds like a very classy individual

can anyone shed any light or info on this job

do they have someone in mind

when are they looking to hire

is 6 man experience absolutely needed
Principal is a classy guy. Will sixman experience be necessary? In my opinion, it will be more than necessary. Great facilities and I think good folks to work for, but what do I know? Their pay should be pretty good.
Coach Helms went to Bryson? Thats interesting. They are getting a great coach. He was one of my coaches in high school when he was at New Home.
Grady has a great teaching staff and administrators in this is a great position for the lucky guy that lands the job. They are getting a new basketball gym and the entire school is being re-modeled. The best part of this job will be the athletes that this new guy gets....they have a large junior class this year. This team was a playoff team a few years ago and for some reason just can't get back in. I think the new coaching change will help. Helms came in and took over a team that had a ton of athletes and took them 3 rounds deep into the playoffs and has steadily underachieved since then. Every year this team has a ton of potential (top 10 preseason rankings) and every year they finish 3rd in district.

The coaching change should help the wildcats next year....Helms was a good guy, but just couldn't get things going in Grady(besides the one good year). Good luck getting this job because Grady doesn't always hire the best coach available...I can remember when a great coach from whitharral was interested in the opening and got passed up for an in school hire for the that same great coach is a principal at GC.
If you gotta cheat then somethings wrong tesla. I am retired military and after 20 years cheating has nor ever will be a part of my being. If you knew me though you would know that. Find a way to win: On the playing field or in the classroom. That is what teachers/coaches do. Sorry you felt compelled to attack my character. Also Grady or anybody else has the right to hire or not who they think is best for their program.
TRex, If that's your philosophy, Find a way to win, then is cheating an option for you?
Pure educational philosophy is to teach/learn how to win.
I don't care how many championships you win, they don't guarantee a student future success.
How did John Wooden do it without ever mentioning the word win?
He was obviously stressing what most other coaches weren't, the degrees of victory through continuous improvement.