Garden City at Rankin

I have watched both teams play and I believe GC has a real chance at winning. Garden City is better than a lot of people are giving them credit for.
I say GC by 10
That would make things real interesting in D7 if GC can do that. Not sure how the playoff picture would play out unless of course Fort Davis happened to beat Rankin too.
I just know that GC is good enough to do it. They played BC alot closer than the score showed. I'm not a GC fan but have alot of respect for them after that game. plus they have a pretty dang good coachin staff and alot of heart. Pride will also be thrown in there a little bit. good luck to both teams though, should be a good game. hope both teams leave the field injury free.
This should be a great game. If I was put in a spot and had to make a prediction, I'd say Rankin will turn the ball over less than GC. I'd say Rankin wins, barely.
Garden City-38

Coach Williams will have them worked up to a frenzy! They will be physically and mentally ready! Let the feeding begin. Good luck, Shannon! (from an old Sidney dad!)