Football, Basketball, Track, Tennis Championships

Anyone know of any 6-man football districs where the distric football champion won the basketball, track and tennis distric (or regional) championships for their respective distric?
High Plains Drifter you caught me, I put track in the title of the post but not in my first post under the heading... (makes note to watch my postin's better, High Plains Drifter, is a lurkin')
I was just commenting on the post about Garden City winning a track championship. They certainly may have, but normally their kids are strong in academics, tennis, and golf in the spring. They have fine track teams but numbers have tended to be low in the past, thus making it difficult to win a district championship. You are clear Savannah, I am sure Joe Gayle is proud of you and ready to "pop" your neck at any time. Ha
The GC girls won state track title back in 1975. I remember those girls all being able to outrun any boy in the school.
In 1975, I was a fun loving college boy. it would have been the 4000 yard waddle keg carry, carrying a beer in each hand.
Those girls were juniors and sophmores when I graduated. The fastest girl ever at GC was the same age as I was. She used to come run wind sprints with us at the end of practice every day and beat us by 20+ yards, which gave the coaches an excuse to strap on more sprints. :shock:
Not the same, but back in the day, I had a pretty fair quarter miler. He ran around a 54, a coach at Spur suggested I bring him over and workout with one of their kids. I did and my kid got smoked by a young lady named Essie Kelly. Not many will know the name but think she made Olympics as maybe alternate in 4x400 relay. Awesome young lady.