Feel the Spirit of God

Your so right Austin. Our God is so Mighty and Powerful. He is nothing but Love. I believe he watches over every person in our world. Jesus is so wonderful. I say over and over, How Great is Our God, because thats what he is, Great. Thank you for your comment. It's wonderful to know your my brother in Christ. Melani
That is how you praise the Lord! Thank you, Melani, for this special post. Spreading His love is what it's all about, and you have no doubt planted a Seed that can do nothing but touch the lives of others and continue to grow in Him. You are blessed to be a blessing.
Thank you so much for posting. The world is trying to take our Lord out of everything and to be honest I wasn't sure about putting this Praise for the Lord on the board. But I should have known better because so many of God's children are already here On Grangers Board. God Bless both Posters ABUNDANTLY. May God Bless every reader and poster on this board.
I have listened to Logans story so many times and each time cried. His story is amazing and so strong. Such a strong truth coming from a special little boy. I'm touched.
You guy's please keep posting more things like this. Both of these have blessed my family very much.
Thank you and God bless you.

S M Fan
S M fan thank you so much for your post. MarkF and I are so blessed that you posted. It's so important to have God in your life guiding you along everyday. His love is so great for us and theres nothing he wont do for us. Thank you so much S M because you showed your love for God. I have to tell everyone what happened this weekend. For 36 years I have interceded prayer for Butch, He knows how much I love Jesus so he felt that it was enough that I was praying for him. But this weekend he found out that he needed that personal relationship with God. He got up at 4 in the morning and was wide awake which was not the norm, got dressed and got to the blind at 4:20. He said he was sitting there and thinking about how much money we have spent on the lease for 7 years and not taking any deer. HE PRAYED. IT WAS SO SIMPLE. HE SAID HE ASKED GOD TO SEND HIM A BIG BUCK, ONE ENOUGH TO Get MEALS OUT OF, then he just started watching. Two little six points showed up and he was watching them spar over a doe. She was eating while they were fighting. Then all of a sudden they took off running and the biggest Buck that Butch has ever seen walked in. He got to watch him 20 minutes and he heard God say, here's your buck. He shot the buck and he ran off. He came back to the trailer to get me up at 7 because we had to track him and find where he went down. Well here I go with a pair of ugly crocs on and the cactus was eating me alive. I was on the right trail but took a left a little bit too early. I worked my way back to the truck walking through 3 foot high broomweed. Shortly Butch shows up and he started with all these what if's, I stopped him and told him, ok honey, you asked God to send you a big buck and he did that. So let no what if's enter your head. He said thats right, I have to believe God through faith and I know I'll find him. He took me back to the trailer, my health isn't the best and my shoes weren't the type to go through cactus. He got on his 4-wheeler and I got a call on the radio yelling God showed me where my buck went. Now he's witnessing about God's Might Power. This was a little thing to Jesus, but he knew this was a way to get Butch to know him personally. Today all my friends, Butch knows and loves Jesus. He saw his Mighty Power over a little thing. He now realizes that God can certainly do many big miracles. Jesus is Lord and my desire is that everyone gets to know him in a personal way. God is love, patient, the healer, the marriage councelor, God is Everything and he wants to give to Everyone. It's all so simple, just ask him to come into your life and oh boy watch your life change so fast and see God's many miracles come into your life. S M, you have blessed me tonight. Thank you, Melani
I need to mention another thing. A big thank you to Granger for allowing us to bring God into his Sixman Site. He could of taken our love for the Lord out of his board but he has not. God Bless You Granger for letting us show our love for Jesus.
I'll second that, THANK YOU, GRANGER! And thank you to Melani. It's refreshing to see God and His Love shared in a society that has tried so hard to remove Him from all that He has blessed us with. God bless you/you bless God.
God Bless You Abundantly Bugs. What a wonderful God we have. One day without HIM is DYING. His Love is so powerful and he gives it unconditionally. He knows were not perfect and doesn't care. His love for us is MORE than we could ever love our own Children. That says a lot.
Stumpbumper I am so happy that God brought us back together again. I know how God Blessed you and your family and my friend his Blessings will never stop. God Bless You Abundantly. And your so right, God is Awesome. I love you. Melani
I don't mean to be offensive...but I have to say. I have heard people say that God has brought them a lot of things...but a deer?? Am I the only on who thinks this is a little much?
Logan it wasn't the deer that was the happiness in this story, it was the fact that Butch found God through prayer and in having faith in what God could do, believing if it was God's Will, he would see a big deer. The Glory wasn't the deer, it was the fact that Butch learned to trust God and saw HIS MIGHTY WORKS IN SENDING THE BIGGEST BUCK THAT BUTCH HAD EVER SEEN. Butch has always known there was a God but he never felt worthy enough to pray because he didn't believe he deserved God's Grace. That day he found out the simple way through prayer that God loves him too. I'm sorry if I made this story sound like it was all about the deer because it wasn't. It was my happiness of Butch finding God and knowing God loves him too.