El Paso Jesus Chapel


Six-man pro
Have I just missed it, but I have not noticed a score for EJPC for a couple weeks. Granger's schedule shows them off four of the last five weeks:

Date Opponent Time
0 Sat, Aug 30, 08 EP Bethel Temple
in El Paso
7:30 PM
1 Fri, Sep 5, 08 at Garden City 7:30 PM
2 Sat, Sep 13, 08 vs EP Immanuel Christian 2:00 PM
4 Fri, Sep 26, 08 at Lake Arthur NM 7:00 PM
8 Sat, Oct 25, 08 vs Amarillo Heritage Classical * 1:00 PM
9 Fri, Oct 31, 08 vs Lubbock Christ the King * 3:00 PM
10 Fri, Nov 7, 08 at Plainview Christian * 1:00 PM
Chapel played Ft Hancock on Friday night, 10-17. I know that JCS won, but do not have the score. I do not know why they did not update the schedule on this site.
Sounds like they are trying to sneak up on people. That will be hard to do now that they have beat Amarillo Classical. Would love to hear how the game went. How did Big #13 do?

Seems like this District will have a good team not make it to the playoffs which will make the next two weeks playoff type games. Anyone got any airfare?
correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Div. II allow three teams from the district to make it to playoffs. At least that's what the brackets aT tapps.net says.
3 of the 4 teams from District 1 will make the playoffs...that means only ONE of the following teams (listed in alphabetical order) will not make playoffs:

Amarillo Heritage Classical
El Paso Jesus Chapel
Lubbock Christ the King
Plainview Christian
According to the "Scores" link, Jesus Chapel won the game by a few points. Hmm ... ...

Looks like D1 of Div II is a race again.

Congratulations to Coach Gabe Serrano, JCS alumnus and state champion in '97 and '98. And congratulations to the JCS Chargers for believing in their coach and, more importantly, in themselves!!!!
Mr. wildcat, I understand who won. Just looking for a short caption of the game. People gave their views of the CWA vs Tyler Street game. haha