Dave Campbells


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Anything from Dave Campbell's catch your attention or affect your predictions? Canyon Creek says they started 4 freshmen. I wasn't aware of that.


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First, I was disappointed in the number of schools who did not give their info to DCTF. Looks like about half of the schools in DIII turned in their stuff and the other half did not. That's a shame. It's free, state-wide publicity, promotion and useful information that every serious high school football fan, player, coach and wannabe pays attention to. For a coach or A.D. not to respond to DCTF is lazy and a disservice to their kids and their program.

Enough of the soapbox.

Of the information contained in DCTF, I would have to give a boost to Lubbock Kingdom Prep and WF Notre Dame. Looks like they both may have the number of returning players and starters that could make a difference in how their season goes. Good luck and have a good rest of your summer!