D1 District 10


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It’s a little early for these things but the Rangers currently suck and the Cowboys don’t play until August. How do y’all think the cat fight between Abbott, Aquilla and Blum is going to shake out? I see Blum and Aquilla getting first and second, but I’m biased towards Blum so my opinion can’t be trusted lol. What do y’all think?


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5 - Covington will be the bottom dweller in this district for the next two years. Steele and crew can't seem to work the Knox City magic he once had. He may need to bring his wrestling partner in to break the corvorka.

4 - Gholson will have just enough fight to finish 4th.

3 - Abbott has lost alot of fire since they've won state in football and baseball. Seems the kids or coaching staff has relaxed and stopped demanding excellence in a very good program that was once the CREAM OF THE CROP IN THE EAST. If they can stay away from the injury bug and the kids they have there regain THE CHAMPIONSHIP DRIVE, good things could return. Hard to build around Pevelka stud when he's not athletic/gifted with athleticism.

2 - Blum will take the two spot and will go down fighting but won't have enough to overtake the top dawg in this district.

1 - Aquilla will win the top spot but the staff there will need to instill some sort of discipline first and winning at all cost second with the TOP KIDS or once again, they'll be one and done come playoff time.

I believe the top two teams from this district SHOULD destroy district 9 come playoff time. I also believe both from district 10 will have their hands full with 11 and 12 due to pure athleticism which Milford and Union Hill brings to the table.