D-II Wk 5 GOOD games


11-man fan
Boerne Geneva @ San Antonio Town East:
This is by far the main event for week 5.
I'm going with SA Town East in a very exciting and I MAY ADD, very high scoring ball game.
Town East wins 56-54

Granbury Happy Hill @ Denton Calvary:
Another good game, but I think Denton Calvary will prove to be too much for ole' Happy Hill.
DCA wins over HH by a score of 56-18

Just a game of interest:

Sugar Land Logos Prep @ Alvin Living Stones
I believe Alvin Living Stones SMASHES Logos Prep by a score of 58-12 because I for one believes the Logos Coach will be looking forward to his ball game next week with Rosehill.
For those of you that don't know, this feller use to coach at Rosehill (a little revenge time).

Also, Living Stones wins due to that fact and also, They know their counter-part East of 517 (I think that's the correct road) has already played them and they want to make sure they beat them by a larger score:

I think the Sugar Land Logos Prep @ Alvin Living Stones game will not be a blow out....as you projected.

I'm picking Logos Prep in a mild upset. I for one, believe here is where THE WEAK/BAD SCHEDULING OF COACH SANDERS (living stones) comes into affect:

Nothing against Alvin Living Stones, but when you play VERY SOFT TEAMS/SCHEDULES, eventually it will come back to haunt you:

No disrespect to the schools played but COME-ON (Humble Life by checking on records is NEVER any good, Clear Lake, CASA, Brazosport will not beat Freddy, Pine Drive, Victory Life, Heath Fulton, SA Town East, Geneva) because these are the cream of the crop in TAPPS D-II.

Logos Prep has been tested by Tomball Home School & Pine Drive....

Game speed, Coaching, vs. better competition will hurt Living Stones and if Living Stones wants to make a SERIOUS run in the future,
Their ole' coach is going to have to BEEF UP THEIR COMPETITION and become a REAL COACH:

I once heard a friend of mine say:
Everyone looks good (coaches, players) beating bad teams/schools, but if you want to establish YOUR PROGRAM, YA GONA HAVE TO STEP OUT AND PLAY THE GOOD PROGRAMS:

and living stones has not....

Logos Prep by 29 over NOW once beaten Living Stones.
Good points wonder dog.

Maybe this scheduling season, since it is realignment time, Living Stones could schedule two teams such as: (mainly games I'd like to see, LOL)
Noticed that district has 8 teams come next yr, so that means only 2 to 3 non district games:

Any of these 5 would be good games (I think)

1. Dallas Tyler Street
2. Bastrop Tribe Cons.
3. Houston Emery Weiner
4. Marble Falls Faith
5. Azle Christian
I rarely get on here anymore to reply to anything about the school, as I was taught in the past. But man, it is getting really old getting called out every single week for something that I did. I feel like Tony Romo getting called out everytime the Cowboys do something bad. Really, it is getting old, and I wish every school could be on blast as LSCS is. The thing that really is getting to me as well is, the guy who is calling me out the most lives in Lubbock, TX. 700 miles away from me, and it seems like he is at every one of my games. Just lay off a bit. I'm all for reading predictions and all that good stuff, but every week I do something wrong (i.e. - pad stats, dumb defensive schemes, soft schedule, bad coaching, no adjustments). The only 2 things I'm going to defend on this post is "no adjustments" and "soft schedule". And I will not post on something like this again. I rather just read and try to prove peeps wrong on Fridays.

"No Adjustments" - We have 45'd everyone, the games have not been close. Why fix what's not broke? I don't know how else to respond to that.

"Soft-Schedule" - Well I will do this little comparison of schedules with PD since Brady (wonderdog) always wants to compare. I will put the Waco Live Oak game in PD schedule even though they were scheduled to play Bellville.

Living Stones Pine Drive
Humble (1-3) DTS (1-4)
CASA (1-3) WC (0-4)
CLCS (2-3) NE (0-4)
LJB (4-1) Logos (3-2)
AO (1-3) LO (5-0) but should be (0-4) Bellville
Logos (3-2) TC (0-4)

So Living Stones combined opponents (12-15) - Pine Drive combined opponents (9-18) could have been (4-22). So really PD has played a soft schedule, and mine is not great, but not soft.

Pine Drive has a tough upcoming non-district game against Bastrop Tribe who is (4-1). Who did Tribe lose to? CASA.

All I'm asking is for a little respect, and please stop calling me out every single week. Cause I do love reading this board, but it is not as fun when you feel like you are on blast for doing nothing.

Thanks guys

I know when we started making this schedule, we dropped a few weaker teams and THOUGHT we were getting better teams... when teams finished the 2010 season:


PD: went out and scheduled
Dallas Tyler Street 12-2 ranked #18... TAPPS D-II State Finalist... dropped SA Sunnybrook
West Columbia Charter 12-2 ranked #27.. T-CAL State Champs.... dropped SA Radiance
Kingwood NE 0-4 ranked #213... You got me on this one...
Waco Live Oak 11-1 ranked #43, T-Cal semi finalist .... fill in for bellville faith

LSCS: went out and scheduled
Humble Christian Life - 0-10 ranked #233
Casa 3-6 ranked #142
Clear Lake Christian 5-7 ranked #166
Brazosport Christian 3-5 ranked #184
Alpha Omega NEW TEAM

Once again, we thought we were getting this type of schedule coming into our season....

but this don't mean a thing now:
we find out Oct. 7
Coach, I never said anyone at pd said anything about ls. It was mainly directed at brady, and me and you have had countless conversations about him over the years, and how he runs his mouth way to much on here.

Now I will 100% agree with you that when scheduling private schools, you never know what you are going to get. Now with transfers coming and leaving, teams can change over night.
Casa - everyone picked us to lose. We lost to them lbrast year. And they had best 3 players returning. Thought it would be a great game.
Clear lake - beat them in 4th quarter last year, but they are always a tough win, since I have been at pd.
Brazosport - they destroyed us last year and have their best tail back as a sophomore now.
So I as you, thought these games would be better for us. Plus the first 3 games were 2 year deals. Hard to break those.

And I apologize for whatever someone heard from one of my boys on the sideline. Of ccourse I am looking forward to that game. Hopefully it will be as exciting as last year.
I never commment on Wonder dogs posts....

But I got a text last night to read it, so I did and it got the best of me.

Apologies accepted. Good luck to you guys vs. Logos.
In my opinion and this is my personal "OPINION" some people on here just can't handle that ALSCS is 5-0. We were not projected to do well as was apparent when the season first started and we were being picked to lose almost every game. It was only recently that we were starting to get picked to win. After a misserable building season last year and getting into a routine that every coach knows is hard to do, I think that the team we have here at ALSCS is GOOD. We have uncontested tallent thus far and you can say that it is because we put together a weak schedule but you go with what you got. As was posted before we have almost the same strength scedule as PD with the exception of one game. So like Coach Ware said we will know how everything turns out on OCT. 7th and then I am sure there are going to be a lot of people putting their two cents in and think they know what is best for every team playing. One thing that we have to remember in all of this is that it is just a game and good sportsman ship is a must.

And on a side note it iritates me when people from public schools get on here and say that private schools should know their place and that we are not as good as a public school. I played for aguably the best sixman public school in Texas durning the 90's and would have to say that some of the schools that we see here are good enough to play with them. Granted there are always schools that are not up to par, but that is in every division.

curious what school you played for. Only panther around my parts is Whitharral ISD that was good during the 90's & 2000's.

Let me be the 1st to say COO-DO's to you for starting 5-0... GREAT JOB (HONESTLY)
My question is though:
Do you think these teams would be 5-0 vs. LSCS Schedule

1. SA Town East 2. Freddy 3. Heath Fulton 4. Pine Drive 5. Dallas Tyler Street
6. Boere Geneva 7. Happy Hill 8. Denton Calvary 9. Brenham Chr. 10. SA Castle Hills

All 10 of these teams would be 5-0 vs. that schedule (HONESTLY).....
The teams I listed has a loss or a few, but LOOK AT WHO THEY LOST TOO:
THEY LOST TO REAL TEAMS (good teams), which does nothing for their playoff run, it only helps you get better:
I can't say you guys are with that schedule:
Freddy lost to Dallas Covenant by 30, ... Covenant played T-Rock and lost 90-70. hmmmm
Pine Drive lost to Live Oak by 30 plus ... Live oak is good,.. hmmmm

When I got on here and said Pine Drive would start 0-2, I don't or can't recall anyone from pd getting on here and complaining. Only talk was about the dinner I owe.
I mention one thing about you guys (lscs) and it's like roaches when a light comes on.

You guys can boast all you want about winning games vs. THAT SCHEDULE.
By looking at the TAPPS bracket, a 2nd place finish puts LS - OR - PD in this position....

Look DOWN and read please

Loser of Oct 7 will be here : THIS IS A ONE AND DONE GAME FOR D-4 RU:

District 4 RU ______________
District 3 3rd ______________ SA Town East or Boerne Geneva


If anyone follows sixman football like I do :
I do recall what a BAD schedule gets you : REMEMBER FREDDY LAST YEAR:

I believe you drove 4 hours to Fredericksburg for a 25 minuted ball game that freddy won 50 plus to 6
I played starting tailback for the Team of the 90's Panther Creek 98' 99'. And I think and agree with a lot of people that our next few games are going to be a test of what our boys have and how we match up with good and "tested" schools. Good luck to everyone this friday.
Hey Panther20 and Yung'en...

Since Bellville Faith will probably cancel no week 7...
I just read that Waco Live Oak is looking for a week 7 game...

HMMMMMM, You can play them, that way no one can say you play a LIGHT SCHEDULE...

Coach Ware is so right, it's hard to know what you are going to get year to year as you put a schedule together and equally as hard to get the teams you want to play. Greenville seems to have a slot with UIL teams that are good year to year. Last year I wish we could have gotten a game with Throck, this year I wish we didn't, BUT because we got them on the schedule we might be able to get them in the following years. I see a movement of private schools playing UIL, following Greenvilles pattern, as a good thing, bringing the level of play up.
Panther 20, good response. Don't know you, but look forward to meeting you here in Brenham.