D-2 playoffs?


11-man fan
I see everyone from D 1 will be in the playoffs. How does the D-2 playoffs work? Is it the top 2 teams from each district?
I think you are missing something. Lets start out by checking what group this post is listed under. If that does not help then I will tell you that I am talking about T-CAL. So can anyone tell me how T-CAL D2 playoffs work?

At the last T-CAL meeting back in June, it appeared that the latest decision on how the playoff seeding would work like this: first place teams in each district (there are four) would get automatic seeds in, then the teams with the highest "power rankings" based on Granger's SixManFootball.com system would get the last four seeds. All teams must play all their district opponents this year to determine which teams have the best district records for the automatic seeds. The "power rankings" will be determined by all games, and not just district games.

We'll see how well this works.

Districts are posted based on the January 2010 district meeting and it would seem that they will stay intact for the 2010 season - but it remains to be seen if every team who committed to play will actually have a team by the end of the month . . . or by the first week of November. You can see the districts at http://t-cal.org/. I can already see at least one school who had committed in January for one district is now not listed, even though other schools had scheduled them for a district game . . . and this school is still expected to field a team this season.

I think this is the best way to approach it, but, again, we'll see how it works.