Current District Standings & Schedule

Shad Kline

Six-man fan
1. Motley County 2-0
1. Guthrie 1-1
3. Silverton 0-2

Week 8:
Motley County 1 @ Silverton 0

Week 9:
Guthrie 57 @ Silverton 12

Week 10:
Motley County 52 @ Guthrie 6

Week 11:
Amherst vs Guthrie, Friday 11/11/11 7:30pm @ Lorenzo
Whitharral vs Motley County 11/11/11 7:30pm @ Lockney
DJR":1wf3sz0r said:
Just heard Silverton forfeits to MC because of injuries. They will play next week against Guthrie.

Injuries? How many injured do they have? I've seen six owls on the field and five or six on the sideline. Seems to me thats enough to field a team.
I've heard the same thing Johnny. Not real sure. Just wondering if anyone else has any information about this.
Well it really does'nt matter, how many ways can you spell "dodge"?.

Main Entry: dodge  [doj] Show IPA/dɒdʒ/ Show Spelled
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: trick, feint
Synonyms: contrivance, device, machination, method, plan, plot, ploy, ruse, scheme, stratagem, strategy, subterfuge, wile
Usage: The Owls dodged the Matadors because they were (are) outclassed in every aspect.