Current District Standings & Schedule

Shad Kline

Six-man fan
1. Abbott 2-1
1. Aquilla 2-1
1. Penelope 2-1
4. Bynum 0-3

* Abbott, Aquilla, and Penelope are co-district champs. Abbott will represent as first place and Aquilla as second place in the playoffs due to tie-breaker.

Week 8:
Penelope 49 @ Abbott 74
Aquilla 33 @ Bynum 24

Week 9:
Abbott 24 @ Aquilla 31
Penelope 76 @ Bynum 46

Week 10:
Bynum 34 @ Abbott 56
Aquilla 46 @ Penelope 53

Week 11, Bi-District:
Oakwood 79 vs Aquilla 52
Leverett's Chapel 30 vs Abbott 78

Week 12:
Abbott vs Rochelle, Friday 11/18/11 7:30pm @ Hico
I'm trying to time my work so I'm here instead of at work. I wanna make all 3 games for sure in district. I'll let u know if I'm gonna be there probably eay Friday.
Plan to get to Abbott early to play the uphill/downhill battle. I believe that field slopes 6 feet from one corner to the other. When the wind is blowing it creates quite the uphill battle.
Yea the field and elements are always gonna come into play. It's always those Abbott hometown ref's that seem to get under the skin of fans from all the local schools. No matter how bad or good Abbott is, if they play at home they got a chance. And that's sad too because I have seen it first hand since the early 90's. I played in Abbott and heard it with my own two ears and then just a few years back seen my nephews team screwed out of the playoffs by playing in Abbott. I just hope it's a good game, no injuries, and whoever wins WINS!!! Good luck guys and give it all you got.
Wow David, it sounds like you are already making excuses and Penelope has not even lost yet. At least wait until tomorrow night after the game.
Not at all mj. It's bad enough to play Abbott as it is because they generally have a good team. But I know damn well I'm not the only one that has seem teams that were a lot better and out played Abbott in Abbott and lost because of pitiful flag throwing or foul calling. I just hope it's a good game and it's determined by the play on the field and not by some BS referee who got his head up his a$$!!! If Abbott beats us then oh well. Good luck the rest of the way. But I've seen Abbott do plenty of schools wrong on the field and the hardwood. Talk to some aquilla and especially some Bynum parents over the past few years. They seen it first hand too. No one likes to play in Abbott because of the way the officiating always is. ALWAYS IS!!!!!!!!
How do you suggest the Abbott people coerce the officials into making calls their way?
Does the superintendent pay them in cold hard cash, or do the coaches just hold the referee's children hostage until the game is decided in their favor??
I think it's serious business not a joke. I seen how Bynum got royally cheated out of a win and trip to the playoffs in 06 because of Abbott ref's. Bynum won that game and piss poor officiating took it to OT and Abbott won. Go talk to some parents and former players and get their take on Abbott. They hated playing there because of the officiating.
I honestly dont even know where to start with you David. I guess I'll start with your ridiculous comment about Abbott vs Bynum in 06. Bynum played well that night, or as well as they could have, but Abbott won simply by two words BRAD RUSSELL. He singled handedly took that game over and won. Bynum would have made the playoffs that year IF they couldve tackled him, not if there had been different officials. Secondly, I wanna know if you were one of the Penelope fans that left early tonight? Honestly in a way im kind of glad Abbott fell flat on their face the past two years and beat themselves against penelope because it made it somewhat of a rivalry. I don't get on here often and never really cared what you had to say but this is probably one of the sweetest victories Abbott has had over Penelope due in large part to you. I don't know if you realize it but players do get on this site, that's just a fact, and you provide a hell of a lot of motivation to players everywhere when they play Penelope, especially in Abbott. You've had something against them for a long time now and it's been pretty obvious. From the "seeing Hunter Johnson laying on the field was worth the price of admission" (when Abbott BEAT Calvert) to the "Abbott's so overrated" this year, you constantly run your mouth on here. I guess Abbott proved themselves to you tonight? Or did they win by 25 cuz they had the officials on their side? Bottom line is Abbott MAY be back if they keep their heads on straight. It's not like the Abbott teams from the past, but Tradition never graduates and maybe, just maybe this team is starting to realize that. All tonights win for Abbott does is set up a classic Abbott vs Aquilla game that has a lot riding on it and let me just go ahead and take the words out of your mouth "Let's go Cougars! Show the Rabbits theyre still overrated!"

P.S. Good luck to Penelope the rest of the year!! Good coaches, good players, and good people! As for you my friend, Please keep motivating Abbott and the rest of the district!

Thanks and Gig Em'
David were you at the game tonight? If you were you would know that the Refs were in pinch-a-loaf favor tonight. Why don't you let the players play and STFU.
Let the players play? I wasn't on the field. I didn't interfere with the game. I yelled at those sorry excuses for refs in Abbott all freaking night. This has got to be the worst officiating football field in the history of 6 man. Someone needs to contact the state and demand something be done. Abbott won and the officials didn't cost us the game but these officials are normal Abbott quality. It really takes the wind out of a team to play your butt off and not get but a handful of calls. And as for telling me to STFU...I was there and yet you will run your man pleaser on a stupid site. Next time you see me come make me stfu. 1st amendment jackwagon!!!!!!
I couldn't resist commenting on this one either. You're gonna tell him he runs his "man pleaser" on here?...that's what you do best!!! Oh and I'm sure there's quite a few people in Abbott that would love to make you "STFU," mostly because you can't control your "man pleaser" on here. Hey just keep fueling the rivalry bud. Oh and you do realize that in six-man you see the same refs alot so make sure you tell them how you really feel when they're in Penelope soon. Bet that will get your team alot more calls.
Ok there PWP(pantywastepuss) yea brad Russell was a great football player and yea he did take over that last part of the game. But it's real easy to win when THE DAMN CLOCK DON'T RUN WHEN TIME SHOULD OF ALREADY EXPIRED!!!!!!!!! And as for last night, I added no fuel to anybody's fire. Abbott had no fire other than Tyler russell. And if the false starts, blocks in the back, and low blocks were called right all game long Abbott doesn't advance too far. Just live it up for now because after week 9 and 10 you guys will be lookin in from the outside cuz you still ain't making the playoffs. Tyler Russell can only handle so much and if thats all the speed Abbott had then you guys won't go far if you do make it to week 11.