Crowley Nazarene vs Temple


11-man fan
Yes we won the game, but the Nazarene team was a great environment. Their new coach (Jesse Ehart) over there is a true gentlemen and christian like guy. He has a very young team and will have to be accounted for from here on out. This is by no means to brag or shine light on your victory.

The Victory here was the christian family environment that we experienced positively at their place. I can assure you that it has been better than one place that brags and puts the vistor team near hecklers on their side. Again not to take away from that team players and coaches either. Just that it is a great contrast of the "Spirit" of the game. You have 2 teams that are from different dominations but for that night came together as brothers in Christ.

I hope their player #22 Keithan Hill who is a Freshman is ok. It is a shamed that he went out of the game. I will also tell you that their 8th grader Chris Waldrop did not play like an 8th grader. Their sophomore QB (Skyler Brown) played his heart out as well. At the end it was not about the score even though we could have scored another touchdown in the last 30 seconds of the game at their 3yd line, we took a knee. We did this for the Christian Spirit of the game and not for the points. I wish this team nothing but success on the field because they showed me they have Success off the field.

Thanks Coach and Nazarene Team...
Thanks Coach.It was a great game,and we appreciate the kind words.Your team played extremly hard all night and the better team won. Yes we are very young and are very Blessed to have Coach Erhart on our sidelines!We wish you guys the bestof luck the rest of season and into the playoffs. Thank you for asking about #22 Keithan Hill he had a concussion and was released last night,and should be fine.

God Bless, Coach Brian Rodricks
Boys Athletic Director
Nazarene Christian Academy
Hey Coach,

Just checking in to see how Keithan is doing?

I saw the board on Azle. I feel for the players and coaches on that team. Their hard work, execution and sportsmanship on the field being tainted by others that don't really play the game or understand the "Spirit" of the game. My question would be if you have so much depth, why play Division II TCAF? They beat us so anything we say would be preceived wrong. Regardless of what they say, we had everyone healthy it would and was a different game.

They could take a lesson from your fans. Regardless of the outcome of our game with you, Your fans were extremely friendly and showed lots of class.
Thanks Coach! We really appreciate that,and yes we are blessed with some good folks in the stands.Keithan is doing just fine,he had a minor concussion,but is OK. Good luck to you guys the rest of the way.