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I am headed to Corpus in a few weeks for a business trip. Are there any ideas on where to eat. I will be there for 3-4 days and would like to avoid eating at the chains. Help if you can, Thanks.
Well my personal favorite has always been the Texas Roadhouse but I know that's still kind of a chain restaurant. If you're in the mood for some Mexican food I would suggest to head down to La Playa. I tried the chili relleanos their right before I moved and they were great. They also have a lot of other great selections to chose from. Another good Mexican food restaurant would be Taqueria Jalisco. It has more of a relaxed atmosphere and it has a great bargain. Try a strawberry banana liquado those are great and of course I loved that the chips they served had of course the traditional corn tortilla chips but it also has a few flour tortilla chips. Like I said probably not the best but does have its perks. While were on the topic of Mexican food you should also try El Pollo Mex. It's more like a fast food place but the baked chicken served with rice, beans, and your choice of flour or corn tortillas is great. Better than KFC. Rudy's just opened up about a year ago down there. The best Bar B Que place I went to down there even though I liked the sausage links over at Bill & Miller's better. Bad choice though if you do not like to wait in a line. Sometimes the wait can be a while but if you're not in a hurry I would recommend trying it out. To bad you can't go onto the naval base and try a pizza over at the sub pub. To me it was the best pizza in town and only $10 for a large pizza. Also the golf course on the naval base has some great hamburgers but I guess you could try out Fuddruckers. I know there are some great sea food restaurants but I cannot remember the name of the restaurants and they're downtown near the Lexington. Well I keep rattling my brain trying to figure out more suggestions but for now that's what I can come up with. If you need any more help just give me a hollar.
Blackbeard's is an excellent seafood restaurant/bar down by the Lady Lex and the CC Aquarium. Festive atmosphere and a unique selection of seafood entrees.
Water Street Seafood Co.
Corpus Christi, TX
309 North Water St.

Reservations might be useful

If you are staying either at the Omnis or some of the other hotels in that area,
the City Diner has good seafood as well as breakfast, lunch specials and is
reasonably priced.

There is also a pretty good little Mexican Cafe on Water Street just down from the Omni Bayfront