COACHES: Please enter your DCTF information


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I was just notified that some coaches still haven't put their info in to DCTF. Here is a list of schools who HAVE NOT done so. Please, coaches, if your school is on this list, get in touch with Greg Tepper ([email protected]) as soon as possible to find out how to get this info submitted.

Private schools

Austin Harmony
Bellville Faith Academy
CC Coastal Christian
Fort Hancock
Longview HEAT
Mesquite Founders Classical
SA Atonement Academy
Temple Centex H/Sch
Tyler HEAT
Watauga Harvest Christian
Gainesville Lone Star North
Giddings State School
San Antonio Lutheran
Sugar Land Logos Prep
Wylie Prep Academy
Kerrville Our Lady of the Hills
Marble Falls Faith Academy
Round Rock Concordia
Temple Holy Trinity
Houston Westbury Christian
Katy Faith West Academy
Irving Faustina Academy
Lubbock Christ The King
Dallas Fairhill School
Garland Christian Academy
Greenville Christian
Longview Trinity S/of TX
SA River City Believers
San Marcos Hill Country
Spring Branch Living Rock
Houston Grace Christian
Lake Jackson Brazosport
Austin Royals
Bryan Christian Homeschool
Houston Mount Carmel
Lubbock Home School Christian
Melissa CHANT
Fort Bend Chargers Home Sch
Permian Basin Athletics CO-OP
SA Jubilee
San Antonio Winston
Tyler Kings Academy
Victoria Home School

If any of you non-coaches have a way to reach out to some of the coaches of these teams, it would be extremely helpful if you would do so. Whatever y'all can do to make sure all the six-man schools have their info in is much appreciated.
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The list of private schools that still need to submit their DCTF info has been added to the original post in this thread.
As of today we're down to 24 public schools and 45 private schools that still haven't submitted their DCTF info yet. We've made progress in the last few days, but still a bit to go. I've updated the list in the first post of this thread. Again, if you need any help figuring out how to get your info submitted, please shoot an email to Greg Tepper ([email protected]) and he'll get you sorted out. If you know any coaches or administrators from any of the schools listed, please let them know DCTF still needs their info for the upcoming season.