Can't wait to get started.....

Coach Hughes

Six-man fan
With 2 a days looming in my mind, I can't help but be excited about the challenge ahead. I don't know what we'll have or how many, but you can be assured that every day someone will be spitting chicklets. This is gonna be fun!
At the rate your supt is advertising for students in Brownwood on the radio, you're liable to have the class of the district next year and Willie will have a state basketball team!!!!LOL Welcome to district 15! Richland of course is the defending champs, Cherokee will be tough and it looks like Mullin, Lohn, and Brooke will be battlin' for third.
I want to give a HUUUUUGE shout out to Coach Hughes and his Brookesmith Mustangs!!!

Congratulations on the great victory Friday night against Novice, 112-83!!

Coach Hughes has turned that team around 100%. Coach Hughes is really working hard with the boys, building a bond and a TEAM. Those boys now play with confidence and pride. They believe in the coach, but most of they believe in themselves again. Can't wait to see what the rest of season brings for our team.

Awesome job! Keep it up, Coach!

Yew knowd, coach, I iz gettin' excited too. Two weeks till the Chicklets Bowl over thare at Mustang Stadium. Iz thare anyway we cud git Coach Clawson to do the ceremonial coin toss?
You know I drove over to Richland Springs last night to watch the Little Coyotes and the Little Cherokee Indians play their game, and I was amazed at the Heavy Hitting that I witnessed in that game. I thought a time or two that I saw the Chicklets flying with some of the hits that were going on. I'll bet that the big boys can do it too.
Now is that Doyle Clawson or his son who is going to do the coin toss? You know that they both coached over here at Brookesmith in the past. I haven't got to see either one in a good while. Both were great coaches a few years back.