Canadian looking to make 6 Man Connections


11-man fan
I'm a coach in Moncton, NB, Canada. 6aside is not big here. I am the HC of our provincial U18 Female Tackle and it is 6aside. I am trying to make some connections to help me learn the game a bit along with talk scheme. You would think 12 man to 6 man would be is not.

We have a different set of rules too. The covered lineman is not eligible and the QB can run. 3 players must be on the line but the eligibles can 'walk' the line as line as they are set at the snap. We play regular Canadian HS rules too, 3 downs, 10 yards, as opposed to your 15.

Would absolutely love to pick brains. Share ideas.

This is good stuff! I appreciate it! I was hoping to avoid sticking to the same crew I compete against. I know a bunch of the coaches in Sask. Was hoping to catch some ideas to beat them this summer!