Call it From the Heart.

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Calling a game has to be extremely difficult. With the speed of the game and pace of 6-Man it must be daunting. Much respect to the men and Women who are between the lines. However over the last 10 years I’ve noticed one or two bad apples that put personal feeling above the game. With either a lack of calls or exaggerated calls to determine the outcome. I ask that you consider all the work, love, and equal pride all teams have put fourth. Remember these are moments these kids will carry for a lifetime..


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6 man is very fast. With ever player being eligible you end up with more receivers downfield than you do in the 11 man game and in most cases with fewer officials. We try to use a 5 man crew in most of our games. Not to get more eyes but more so to help us conserve our own bodies. Some athletes play football, but real athletes play sixman football. Hats off to them.