Broncos vs. Coyotes


11-man fan
Another Friday night behind us, and for those who watched the Borden County vs. Meadow game, not a good experience for players or fans. It was the poorest officiated game I have ever witnessed. One sided. If the penalty yards were compared, probably 40 yds. for Borden Co. and probably over 200 for Meadow. Don't take anything away from the Coyotes, as they are a good squad, but I would have liked to seen the result on a level playing field. The Broncos still might have come up short, but having six play drives stopped by penalties is rediculous. What makes me the maddest is that the only ones hurt in this situation are the kids. Keep you head up Broncos, and to quote a football movie " Live to play another day " GO BRONCS!!!!!!
that's what i would claim if i was immature and my team got whipped. i was at the game and the refs let a lot of holding calls against the broncos slide. you would have to be blind to not see that. in the 2nd half when the broncos were worn out they started grabbing anything they could get a hold of. quit whining about it being one sided. all that aside, houston quintanilla is very impressive to watch. he converted a couple of 4th and 30's into touchdowns all by himself.
Truly a disappointment when Refs are not competent! One of the biggest games and the officials are not on the same page. I have watched lots of games in my life only to have official’s ruin a good game. Were there penalties....of course there were and did the broncos hold of course they did, but so did the Coyotes. If officials are going to ref then they need to be caught up on the rules. You don’t put the game in play and then give a second chance on an extra point! Oh!!!! we weren’t ready so let’s try the extra point again. No penalty??? On either side?? Give me a break Zebra crew. No side line warning on a huge 3rd down play where the side line judge was not near a player or coach, but decides to look down the line and not even going that way and throws a flag! Give me a break!!! Two examples of crap calls that occurred.

This isn’t about who won or lost, but what the official’s did to the game! What a disappointment and the refs need to be reported to the chapter! Don’t you have to make a 90 on the rules, and positions test to be able to do a varsity game? You failed!!!
I was fortunate to be able to see both games at Borden County. I saw many calls on both sides missed, as always. Both games were that way. I did see Rankin play their first game against BC and they must have someone out or something because they were not as polished against Spur. Spur did a great job but could not hang with them.

Meadow did an awesome job in the first series of holding BC and keeping them from a first down. They were first on the score board. Meadow is a very good team, and their qb is an outstanding athlete. I did not understand the two times that Borden County held them on forth down then Meadow still got the ball and were given another down. Both times I did not see the referees give any penalty. And, both times they went on to score.

I saw a very hard fought battle with two teams exhausted in the end.

I did not see any of the game as being one-sided either way.

Don Hardin was there floating around at both games. I would love to have his opinion. What about it Don?
I can promise you that there was nothing immature made in my post. It is obvious to me which side of the stadium you were sitting on. I complemented the Coyotes on having a good football team, and also admitted that the Broncos might not have come out on top even with the calls that were made. All I know is that you hired the best referees money could buy, and what ever you paid them, you got your moneys worth.
sixman is awesome said:
I was fortunate to be able to see both games at Borden County. I saw many calls on both sides missed, as always. Both games were that way. I did see Rankin play their first game against BC and they must have someone out or something because they were not as polished against Spur. Spur did a great job but could not hang with them.

I'd have to agree with you about Rankin's performance against Spur. It was probably the poorest first half Rankin's played all season. If they come out against Meadow like that next week, they could be in for a long night.

As far as the second game went, looking from an unbiased spectators viewpoint with little to no personal interest in either team, my first thought was "are these Permian Basin or Lubbock refs?" It was pretty weak to say the least, doesn't matter where they're from. But it was pretty weak on both sides of the ball. It's a shame too that here is the #5 and #6 team in D1 pitted against each other and you get a crew like that calling the game. It was by far the biggest game in D1 for the week as all of the other top tens had fairly easy match ups. I just hope this WAS a weak crew and not the best that we can expect to see for six-man.

IMHO chapters should take a closer look at the caliber of refs they send out to some of these games and not just take the first ones to raise their hands and say "I'll go."
I got to go to the game and was very disappointed in the officials. Coach Richey did a better job swaying the officials to give him calls than Allison did in my opinion. The sideline call was bush league. It was a major call in the game and gave bc life, along with the incredible run by the bc spread back, going into the locker room. If that call is not made, meadow more than likely scores to go in ahead or run out the clock to go in tied. It was a bush-league call in a big time game.

As for all the holding penalties, I'll fess up to not beings a trained eye when it comes to whether a penalty is a peNalty or not on a football field. But I didn't see meadow doing much different than what bc was doing. I just know what I saw, and I saw on several occasions when meadow would convert a first down, the BC side line would point out a meadow player they felt was holding and would get the call. Working the refs is part of the game and Richey clearly convinced his sideline judge and the umpire to call more fouls than did Allison

All in all, the game was managed poorly aside from the calls. The chain gang moved several times when they weren't supposed to leading to several balls being misplaced. The officials spent too much time talking to the coaches at half time. They did not enforce a few situations correctly. It was a bush league crew. And the kids were the ones that suffered for it.
I wasn't at the game, so I'll reserve judgment on how the game was called. I assume it was a Permian Basin crew (it was not a South Plains Chapter crew). However, I would invite anyone who thinks they can do a better job, and there seems to be quite a few of you, to pick up a rule book, call Honigs and get a shirt and a whistle and then get to work. I can assure you that officiating a game is not as easy as it looks and is much more involved on the field than the casual fan would understand.
I think we can all agree that the the kids on both teams did an outstanding job. Its just ashame that the Refs didnt step up their game like the kids did. I would say scratch the refs off the list and move forward. Good job to both teams and maybe there will be a rematch in late November.
If I had known
this was gonna be
just another
crybaby thread
about not getting every call your way
I wouldn't have even bothered.

Airman, Mellow and Crawbaby,
the thing is
EVERY post you make
complaining about officiating
is immature.

But you did bother making you the moron. Not one thread states that the outcome would have been different. Nowhere does it state that Meadow would of been the victor. Read if you’re going to interject. If this was an evaluation they the refs would be fired for the job they did on both sides. Again not saying that the outcome would of been different. But then again I need to draw you a picture so that you can see that. Good grief!

There is frustration not just for the fans of the schools, but also for the folks that travelled a long way to watch a great match up. It was not about who won, but about the working of two great schools and us as fans want to see great games.

Next big match up will be BC and Pet, or Rankin and Meadow, or Ropes and Grady. Who wants to travel 2 hours to any of the games to watch a game that is dictated by official’s? No one!!!
How could anyone from Meadow complain about a bad ref job when they have benefited from bad calls for years. Karma makes some smile and some mad.

Just the opinion of a long time watcher of ballgames.
It is obvious there are differing opinions on this subject, even if some of them aren't the right one. Bottom line is opinions have been given, and none of them change the Friday night result. I wish all of the six man teams good luck in the future, and try to stay injury free. Most of all I wish the best to the Broncos, and lets finish up our season in style.