Bracken Christian Open Dates


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Bracken Christian has the following open dates for 2011:

Scrimmage 1 - home or away
Scrimmage 2 - home or away

Week 4 - Sept 24 (Saturday) must be home
Week 5 - Sept 30 (Friday) home or away

We are also looking to fill our JV and MS schedules as well. JV is open weeks 0-8, MS is open weeks 1-8.

If interested please contact James Johnson, AD at [email protected].
Coach we are hosting a Scrimmage 1 in south fort worth. It is a 4 way with Nazarene Christian, Glenview Christian, and Rockwall Heritage and still looking for a fourth. Let me know if interested.

Jesse Erhart
(817) 615-6541
[email protected]