Bill to prohibit UIL from penalizing athletic transfer kids


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Coaches are the issue hear, they always act like nothing happened, they move around like crazy and attract students to other towns, funny how no rules are in place for coaches kids, rules should apply for every student regardless if there parents teach or coach, it would slow down carousel as well, schools need to work better contracts for there teachers and coaches
That’s because coaches kids are just that…. Kids, a coach bettering himself and his family is no different than someone with any other job. If I get offered something bigger and better and in the end my family is going to benefit from it then why should that have anything to do with weather or not a child should get to play sports!


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Moving and transferring are two totally different things. There isn’t a punishment for a kid moving into the district, except they have to wait 15 days to play varsity if it’s after the 6th day of school. The only time this will be punished is if there is proof that the kid was recruited (PAPF questions).

Transferring is a kid enrolling in a school yet the family does not reside within the district. And again, I have no problems with them sitting out a year of varsity competition as per the current rule.


She's a liberal and represents one of the largest school districts in 6A, Converse Judson. I find it ironic that she represents a school that has been investigated and punished for this in the past.
Judson has the athletic transfer stuff down pat. Heck, they've been doing it for over 30 years usually pretty successfully. Usually, momma gets a job in the school cafeteria. :)