Benavides ISD Considering 6man


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My only concern would be the travel for them. Closest district/teams for them would be Medina, Leakey, Prairie Lea, and Dime Box? I know there's East Texas Schools that face the same problem, but I could see that being the argument against it.

Leman Saunders

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One of their coaches commented on the post saying all their games would be either at home (Benavides), Victoria and Corpus and said that travel would actually be easier. I believe he was meaning the first year or 2. They are expecting to have 1A D2 numbers I believe.


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Someone should convince Meridian to make the switch also for the same exact reasons Leman gave to Benavides on Facebook. Kids are eventually going to be dissuaded from participating which in turn will always result in a hemorrhaging program. It’s an ugly cycle that’s very hard to get out of.


Thanks everyone. Everyone on my staff is new to the game so I'll be learning right along-side of my athletes. I have a buddy who's the AD in Klondike that's helping me out every step of the way. We're also receiving a ton of support from our neighbors over in Corpus. The 6-man community has been welcoming to us and we appreciate it very much!