Bastrop Fires


Got the call about an hour ago (10:30) and told us we are on standby for a 72 hr deployment. Saying a prayer for you guys and I hope I don't have to see you.

Be safe.
News reports say that about 300 homes in the Bastrop area have been destroyed. There are also fire outbreaks in the Steiner Ranch area of Austin (close to Austin Hill County Christian School), where something like 25 homes are gone. Fires are also reported in Cedar Park and in northern Hays County.

From what has been reported, it was go ... GO NOW ... yesterday afternoon as the fires spread quickly.

Red Flag warnings are common throughout Central Texas.

Our prayers to those affected, those who care for them, and for those who fight the blaze.
Just heard there are over 40 fires each over 500 acres currently active in Central Texas .... Lutherhill, a well-known Lutheran summer camp near LaGrange has significant damage ... will move this to the main sixman topic.
coachbill, I have a brother who coaches at Bastrop High. They have had to evacuate. Fortunately they still have their house. Their neighborhood where they lived about 10 years ago was completely destroyed by the fires. We wish you guys all the best.