Audio Video Streams Week 2


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Since it's Tuesday night I thought it might be time to start this. I thought, no one does radio broadcasts anymore.
Then I remembered the OX.
Last week I looked early in it at two related sites for the Strawn - KC game with no results. It was announced on one of them on Friday. I could have listened to most of it, without a long interview during it, and even watched the latter part. After technical difficulties, then freezing screens. Kudos to Julie for trying it. I thought cell towers were really sketchy in the area having just passed through.
Her and the esteemed Tommy Wells seem determined to brave the Dallas traffic to broadcast the next one, she should get a clear signal there for the video.

If you've got another game to share streaming or radio info on, please do.

Here are the streams from Texas1aFan for week two:

Spur vs Irion County - Thurs, Sept 1, 7pm

Lorenzo vs Guthrie - Thurs, Sept 1, 7:30pm

Nueces Canyon vs Rochelle - Fri, Sept 2, 7:30pm

Bronte vs Rule - Fri, Sept 2, 7:30pm
Is Westbrook vs Jonesboro being broadcast?
I guess not. Any others for tomorrow night? Rankin should be. RS used to be on a link from a radio station. Maybe Smokey Joe can come back and hook us up, or Goob.