"any one team can win a game on any given day"

Box Dad

11-man fan
I know players take one game at a time, and I am not jumping to who wins state, I repeat, I am not jumping to who wins state, but THIS STATEMENT DRIVES ME CRAZY! "any one team can win a game on any given day"
Look at all the 45d finals and predictions. And I am not saying that we shouldn't play the game, but Throckmorton played Tomball Christian Homeschool this year, and THC had a great outlook on the game and it was great they played and they all learned from the game, but could they have won?
And don't go ripping David and Goliath out of context.
Good observations, Box Dad. I think the "any given Sunday" concept cannot be applied to regular season high school games. Especially dealing with 6-man.

However, when dealing with smaller schools that can only field 8 to 15 players, an argument can be made that the loss of one player can totally change the opportunity for that small school to win.

And, then, there's the play-offs. After the first round or two for private schools, the potential for either team to win goes way up. In the public schools that may take until round 3.

Now, as far as scheduling the Monsters during the regular season, I am an advocate. I would not schedule a 1st year program to play vs. Garden City (or about 2 dozen other publics). However, as soon as a program has some kind of identity, the schedule needs to toughen up. A program will NOT grow effectively without playing better programs. And I can speak as a player and a coach that beating a higher ranked team for the first time or beating a recognized great program the first time is a total blast!!

To answer your question: "No, Tomball Homeschool could not have beaten Throckmorton this year." However, if Tomball HS has a football identity and a coach that spin good things from defeat, they could be a better program. Better programs draw more players. More players creates potential for better players or more players who are truly gifted to play. Then, Tomball HS beats a Greenville or Abilene Christian, then they beat an Ira or Grady or Ft Davis, THEN they compete (and have a fair chance) to beat a Throckmorton or Garden City.

There have been private school programs (Jesus Chapel, Austin Regents, Greenville) that have been capable of competing with the public schools AND beaten the best of the public schools.

Hope this helps.

Coach Sobey