Andy posting score updates on the games this year


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Hello everyone. Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? I know I am but I have sad news for you this year.

As many of you know I got married in December. I inherited my mothers house in December and my life changed, for the better, in December. I will do score updates and play by play WHEN time permits. I do have other things in my life now and will not be able to be here as much as I was the last couple of years. I know, I know, 6-man is more important than family, friends or country, but I am a newlywed so have to act like she is more important than football for now. Give me some time, I will convince her that I will go crazy without my dose of 6-man each week. I heard that Cowboy, they have not proven that I am already insane.

Church in the last year has also become a very big, if not the biggest part, of my life. I spend a lot of time in prayer with our Lord and He does come first, I don't think I can convince Him that 6-man is more important. LOL

Anyway, I wish all the teams a great season. If you lose a game may it only be because of the other team cheating or bad calls by the ref. And you know I have to do this now...

It is a done deal, just go ahead and give the Division I rings to Gordon and the Division II rings to Strawn as they are going to win it all anyway, save yourself the pain of the driving and playing and just give up now.


Thank you one and all,





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Fool-proof way to get acceptance for going to sixman games; Tell the DSW that "we can stop at Wal-Mart on the way to/from the game". Even if you have to go 50 miles out of the way, it's worth it.
CowboyP":246jfkij said:
Andy I don't need proof. I know you're insane. I even got you the room next to mine in Big Spring...

What? Who said that? Who goes there? Are the voices in my head back? I am going to get a drill and get those voices out!!!!!!!!!

CowboyP":37kjiizy said:
You just want the voices out because they are saying Aquilla will win state!!!

Aquilla who?? Whats that I hear?? It is a G?? Yes I think it is. What? An O?? Hmm, that gives a GO. R?? I can figure out the rest!!! GORDON!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch out, they are coming for YOU!!!