Advice needed in how to best make highlight video


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Hello dear friends.

My son has decided that he would like to try to play college football in two years. We realize it is late in the game to make that decision, but, here we are. We are working with a professional company to get the job done, but I need some advice about the best place to go to get a highlight video of Thomas through the years with him being shadowed. I have seen some videos with shadowing posted. I have all the videos , I just need someone who has the equipment to do the shadowing. Please e-mail me if you have any thoughts or can help.
We must get this done very soon. Thank you so much!

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Please go here if your son is considering playing college football.
As for a highlight video, before you send it off to WHAT-EVER UNIVERSITY, make sure you know where/WHO you are sending it to.
If you send it to MOST HEAD COACHES, they tend to put it in FILE CABINET #13, (the trash can)
ALSO, make sure your first 4 clips are VERY EYE CATCHING.....

The speaker at the NUC Combine/Clinic makes that very clear......


If you sign up for the combine, PLEASE attend the PARENT/SPEAKER meeting, because they really lay it out as for WHAT TYPE of college your son can play at.
Div. 1, Div. II, Div. III, NAIA, JUCO...........etc