Acuna, Mexico a city under seige


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In previous post about places to eat I have stated that good food waits for you in Cd. Acuna, Mexico across the river from where I live in Del Rio, Texas. I also said it was safe to eat in Acuna as I do all the time. I feel I am obgliated to warn everyone that Acuna is no longer safe to go to. Friday(5-7-2010) morning the state police comandante was shot 18 times and killed. This killing is just the latest in a long list of murders by drug cartels operating in Mexico. A candy factory was burned to the ground, the owner murdered and his house fire bombed with his wife and child in it just a few days ago. The son of the owner of the funeral home was murdered and beheaded a couple of weeks ago. To say Acuna is under seige would be an understatement as the city is griped in fear. To make matters worst the press both here and in Acuna have not reported any of this for fear of retaliation. Yesterday our Del Rio police chief did say, in the local paper, not to travel to Acuna but he gave no specfics. I have lived here all my life and it is hard to belive this is happening. Until things settle down stay out of Acuna. Here is a blog that you may want to look into to keep up with the border issues. www. borderland Warning: this site can be very graphic!!! ... seige.html

From the Del Rio News Herald: ... 0b9fc08529

Sad to hear ... I spent a lot of time calling on customers in Del Rio off and on from 1979 to 2005.

Del Rio isn't a bad little town and I remember spending a night in the Ramada Inn bar back in 1988, celebrating Rick Schroeder's 18th birthday, while they were filming Lonesome Dove. I believe ID's were not checked at the bar that night.

Would sure be nice if Comstock would decide to play 6 man; we nearly had a Christian school there (DR) planning to play sixman a couple years ago, but things didn't work out for them.
Thanks for putting borderland beat up so folks can click on it. I do not know how to do that. I also wish Comstock would start up a sixman program. Until they do I am a Sanderson Eagle fan all the way as I ranched in the Sanderson-Dryden area for several years.
As long as those corrupt socialists are in power in Mexico, I do not see the drug cartel problem getting any better. It looks like they want to put in a no-man's land they control completely there so they will have no interference as they ply their trade across the border. They even have corrupted Mexican Army units into scouting for them across the border. It is way past time to deply the army and guard on the border just like we did up until 1933 when the Border Patrol was created.
Here you go Mrs B. Sometimes I go and read a few of the current Borderland Beat articles when I need grounding. It is depressing. It causes me to reflect on the fact that the world is not a beautiful place for a lot of people.
No Blue Bird this is not a beautiful world. It is corrupt everywhere you turn. I read all the articles from Afganistan and how they are beheading people because they are Christian, Killing women and children for no reason at all and my nephew is over there right now. It seems that if you are Christian your not safe at all in other Countries. Satan has control of this world right now but I believe it will be soon that Jesus takes control of the horrible things going on right now. I have a friend who is Hispanic that works across the border and he told me it was so bad over there that he fears his life everyday. I do get depressed when I read all these articles of people being killed. Its right here in Fort Worth. Family members are killing their wives and children and vice versa wives killing their husbands and children. I pray every day for our Country with tons of tears but we can't give up. We are children of God and he wants us to be happy. Yes it's hard to find happiness in all this corruptness but we can't give up. I feel so bad for all the bad things happening when they don't have too. I don't understand how these militants can take someone's life and laugh about it with no hard feelings at all. I just try to find some happiness somewhere and mine has been with all of you. I won't let these corrupt people take hold of my life. If someone were to break into my house and kill me, I know where I will be after it's all said and done. All we can do is pray because our people in power aren't going to do anything for us. We have to look up to Jesus and believe he has our backs, which he does. Pray that he puts a stop to all these countries to stop the wrongs they are doing and try to find a happy place here such as this simple message board talking to friends everyday.
Of course this is only the beginning of horrible things to happen...Mexico gives only a glimpse of what corruption does to a country ... so pray for our country ... the worse is yet to come here...if we do not change our ways...
I guess the days of yesteryear when we used to invade Ciudad Acuna seem pretty innocent when compared to today's events................ and we were far from innocent.............
Smokey Joe you were doing a job. You had your orders and you followed them. What's happening in Mexico right now is pure satanism. I can't even spell his name proper. If only these people knew the choices they're making is leading them right away from ever seeing our Father. The Blood is on so many hands and they do not know the horrors for their sins when someone takes their lives. We have a choice to choose Jesus or satan. If your choice is Jesus when you pass your life will go on and on with so much happiness, a happiness we can't even experience here in this world but if you continue to sin and won't turn your life over to God then you've chosen satan. There is a hell where there is gashing of teeth and a torture that endures forever. We have to make the right choice. We all know the answer to that one. Love the Lord and and you will be with him.
I believe Smokey invaded Ciudad Acuna for Ma Crosby's and other shows at different venues. Not sure about any orders. That's funny.

Extend US territory over all of Mexico. They all want to be in the USA anyway.

Drugs? The Cartels fault or US consumption fault?
Legalize marijuana. Every user having there own plant on the porch should fix that.

Everybody happy?

I'm just not sure Mexico would want to join our socialist ranks.
PopRay your so right the worse is to come and it may come in our day in our Country, In Texas. In Fort Worth and Dallas all convenient stores are owned by Muslims. Not to judge them because I know many are good people but there are some bad people here and I'm stating whites, blacks, asians and so forth. So we are in another world when we think we are safe and sound. With the government in the condition it's in, who knows when the bad may hit here. I know the drug business is going strong, if you need gasoline. I have to ask God for protection. In our Malls and Convention Centers, what a perfect place for bad things to happen. Like the Boston Marathon, some were killed and injured running a race for charities. No way of knowing that wonderful day would turn so bad. We don't know when the worse is going to happen but it is. God bless our children and grandchildren.
Simply Put you are a mess. Mexico wants to own Texas. People want the drugs legalize because the cartels make it so easy. Smokey Joe Really I don't know the reason he was there yet, lol.
People don't grow in Texas because of Our Eye in the Sky. It's easier to meet someone at McDonald's to pick up whatever you want. I'm waiting for the Alligator drug to hit Texas. That is one bad drug. Eats you inside out.
MelaniB":zz8hkddr said:
Simply Put you are a mess. Mexico wants to own Texas. People want the drugs legalize because the cartels make it so easy. Smokey Joe Really I don't know the reason he was there yet, lol.

I'm a mess? Yes ma'am, can't argue with that. You just have no idea how much of a mess.
The drugs make people do things they normally wouldn't. They can't think right and if they get into a situation that makes them mad, then the murders begin. Simply Put I don't know how bad the drugs are and I don't think I could handle it. It' great to meet you. I'm asking you to be my friend.
I don't think it is so much the drugs as it is the outdated nany-state drug laws. None of this violence would be occuring on our Southern border if drugs were decriminalized in the US.

The drugs don't make people do stupid things nearly as much as the greed associated with doing business in a black market. Drug enforcement is a big business. So is supplying those drugs.

Yes. I am libertarian.
I have to disagree with you on the idea that drugs don't make you do stupid stuff, rainman. Unfortunately, I have to deal with a meth head fairly regularly. From all accounts, he was a pretty decent, hard working guy before he got wrapped up in the crap. He is now about the most worthless, lazy, self centered POS wasting oxygen there is on this planet.
That is true OFB, when we add the drugs meth, crack, ice and herion then the US has a big mess. If I'm not wrong Rainjack is talking about weed. That's Mexico's number uno drug. Our states are voting to legalize weed right now. Mexico and the US are making big profits off the weed trade and the cartels don't want anyone stepping on their turfs because they don't don't want to lose their profits, another word they kill people out or greed. We have people in the US that make trips constantly over to Mexico to buy weed. Some get shot and others come home and leave for another trip after the weed is gone. The US lets the tons of weed get here then make their bust which proceeds go to the illegal cops selling the weed off. Also the US gets as big profit off of busting citizens with the weed. It's a lose lose situation unless Pot is legalized. Another thing I believe is the Drug Cartel has their drug runners over here as we speak.