A different perspective.


11-man fan
Just thought that I'd go ahead and create my own I.D. so that I could join all of the others on here in voicing my opinions on this district. First off since everyone has thier district picks I'm gonna go ahead and give you mine as well. #3 The Sanderson Eagles. I really hate to put them at #3 but I just feel that they are not the team that everybody wants them to be. The Eagles have the best fans in this district and probably the coolest stadium unfortunately they are just not very experienced. #4 The Buena Vista Longhorns I feel are in for an uphill battle this fall. The loss of Coach Roberts will hurt them but not as badly as everybody thinks it will. New Coach John Benevidez is finally getting his shot at leading a team and I wish him the best. Don't be surprised if the Longhorns pull a late seson upset either. #5 The Dell City Cougars. The team that wasn't supposed to be. Big props for the Cougars coming together at the last moment I hope that you guys have a great season. Keep your heads up and play hard. Even if lose every game you guys have already won. Now then #1 and #2. Kinda of a hard pick The Balmorea Bears and The Grandfalls Royalty Cowboys. Let's see... Both teams return talent, both teams return experience and both teams get new coaches. Balmorea has the size advantage while I'm gonna give Grandfalls a slight edge in the speed department. Tough pick either way so heres what I'm gonna do I'm gonna say that the Bears and the Cowboys will split the series 1 and 1 but the Cowboys will win the District Championship as the Bears will have a late season setback in the form of an upset(Longhorns anyone). so there you go, my picks for the district. Just my opinion and I welcome yours as well. Heres to a great season.