8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

We are scheduled to play Trinity Christian of Texarkana Arkansas on September 7th at 7pm in Hallsville, TX.

We do play Westlake, but it's 6 man.
Older topic but I’ll go ahead and way in.
Sixman is an exciting game for all the reasons everyone is familiar with. But there is a down fall to it. The down fall is that no major colleges give sixman players much of a glance because it is such a wide open field of play. With limited scholarships monies it’s just too big of a gamble. Getting more people on the field would be more in line with 11-man ball. Parents of really talented kids are seeing this too.
TE made a post a few days ago about the drop off in talent in sixman. That’s exactly why. Parents of really talented kids move and get their kids into schools that play 11 man.
Scouts will look at district standouts that played 11 before even noticing a state champion winning sixman kid.
Are there exceptions….sure. But in general we all know it’s true.