7 Hits Away

Leman Saunders

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Astros are scary good...SP has been injured a lot this season and with their guys back full force I dont think they need a SP like Yu but might want to sure up their 7th and 8th inning RPs...Zack Britton might be more their move than Darvish...

PS: I will say Hello to Bagwell for yall this weekend up in Cooperstown #bejealous #imgoingforpudge #goatcatcher


To bad that was funny, Beltre always having fun win or lose,and that last was a beating,I wouldn't mind seeing the man get to the milestone before the trade deadline,then move him on to a contender,the Man deserves a ring
With 3,000 hits being one of those achievements that have been tagged as automatic hall of fame qualifiers.

Who makes the hall of fame first: Rafael Palmeiro or Adrian Beltre?