5A State Championship


Six-man fan
Allen vs Missouri City

Allen,4 hour drive to Houston
Missouri City,Taxi Cab ride to Reliant

Wylie vs. Katy

Wylie,4 hour drive to Houston
Katy,Stones throw to Reliant..

All this due to a predetermined site...
For some who say its Not Fair for a school to travel,,,,Lets see how this plays out...

BTW.Give Me Allen..
Even with the distance...I'll take Allen and Wylie. They are in the same district right? If that is true then that district must be strong. I saw part of the Wylie game last week...they are tough.
The only people hurt by the longer drive are fans who have to travel. I'm sure the teams arrive very early possibly even the day before. They are prepared for this. Not having to travel may even be a disadvantage. Usually the best team wins the game. They get to play in Reliant which is cool. I'm betting on Allen and Wylie.
For those in the audience not in on the deal, the reason UIL moved the 5A game to a predetermined site (2006, 2007 at the Alamodome; 2008, 2009 at Reliant; I'll cover all bets on 2010, 2011 at Jerry Jones Stadium, assuming the Cowboys aren't home) ...


Fox Sports Network SW wanted to carry the game and the only way to make it happen was for UIL to take over the entire game operations.
UIL doesn't really take care of game ops. The stadium and IMG deal with that.

Fox has always wanted to televise the games and has when it has been possible. Having a predetermined site (they don't care where, but I agree with Stadio Jerry Jones being the frontrunner for the future) they can televise more than one game and do it with only one truck and crew.