2a bully--lol

SimplyPut":3vfb29py said:
41-0 at all levels this year. Wow.
Each coach works in their area of specialty with all kids from the 7th grade up. Wow!
Are whiners and haters really just losers? Just asking?
Richland Springs must have better conditioning--They seldomly get 3 quarters for starters.

http://www.gosanangelo.com/news/2011/de ... has-title/

Part of me questions the priorities of the taxpayers and school board of Refugio ISD to pay for such facilities in a small (and declining enrollment) district; I guess if we didn't have those budget cuts, they'd still be able to afford the housekeepers and chauffers for the coaching staff...

But then again, he won and I can understand the thinking ... at sometime in the playoff picture, you're gonna have to play a solid four quarter game and just playing the starters for a half doesn't do it when that game comes around.
When I first saw this thread, I had not read the San Substandard Times article this morning. I can understand what he was saying about getting ready for playoffs and all of that. The thing that sticks in my craw is the playoff game with Three Rivers where R was up 20 plus in the fourth quarter and runs double reverse and calls timeout with 8 seconds left and then throws into the endzone for touchdown to win by 30. That had nothing to do with any of what he said and makes me question his bull. Perhaps, he wants to cover his A after everyone has hammered him. Do not know the guy, just my opinion.
So he decided to keep this starters in for three quarters and embarrass children on a football field just so he could win state... something he has already done. A great example of sportsmanship... you know what they say, what goes around comes around.
I'm not defending running up the score here by any stretch but there are a lot of things to consider. Small 2A and the bigger 2A's are upset they're kickin thier butt's? Get better. He was hired to win state in an unusually suportive town. After 4 years he's heard the rumblings. He tried doing the "right thing" for 4 years, discussed it with his coaches, the sup and board. So it's not just the HC. It's the whole town. And he wants to keep his job. Part of teaching football (in my amatureish opinion) is about sportsmanship -eg no cheap shots. Part of it is teaching a team to dominate for 4 quarters to make sure you can win no matter what level, state, 1A, 3A. They won state by 1 point. Congratulations Cisco. Great game.
Don't know if they do but they probably should be trying to schedule good 3A teams non district. Kick the soapbox.
Bah, no excuses. I have won a state championship in Massachusetts in ice hockey and I didn't run up the score on anyone. It was almost a decade ago and looking back the actual championship means really nothing now. My former student/athletes have become fine, upstanding men. That means a heck of a lot more than any championship. I'd love to hear from others who have also won state. I preach the following to my kids...

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny compared to what lies within us.

Refugio should learn from this. It's not about state rings, it's about making sure those kids become productive members of society.
Once again, in my inconseuential opinion running up the score for the sake of running up the score is despicable and is only done by low life #**6o[3z. My point is I guess what should he have done? Quit because he couldn't justfy personally, basically, hurting the other teams feeling's, damaging they're psyche for life? Should he have ignored his own observation and let the chip's fall where they may knowing if he didn't do something he could be fired - for being succesfull. Would his referal have been "fired for not winning state in 5 years" or maybe conflicts with school board and/or sup?
Not defending, just asking. What should he have done?
51eleven":2c2bm8mg said:
Should he have ignored his own observation and let the chip's fall where they may knowing if he didn't do something he could be fired - for being succesfull... What should he have done?

Continued to set the example to his players that we stop at halftime if the game is getting out of hand. Getting fired for teaching his students to be thoughtful, understanding, and compassionate towards others is something that would have gotten the attention of many superintendents in your great state. He would definitely have found work elsewhere. Now, if he ever leaves Refugio or gets fired, his name is mud.