2020 Dave Campbell's Questionnaire


Six-man fan
LSCSN - the Lone Star Christian Sports Network - has been asked by Greg Tepper with Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine to connect with all of the schools who have not yet returned their 2020 football questionnaire.

Some 113 questionnaires have been returned while another 135 haven't.

More than half of those that haven't are six-man programs.

Dave Campbell's Texas Football would love to see every school represented.

The record for non-public school programs to be represented in the magazine was set in 2016 with 186. Most other years have been between 138 (in 2011) and 160 (in 2015).

If you're not sure if you're school (or program) has sent theirs in, please e-mail me (Jon Walk) at [email protected]. We'll get you the information that you need.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation.

And most importantly stay safe out there.

Jon Walk
Lone Star Christian Sports Network (lscsn.com)
Twitter: @LSCSN