1st scrimmage


11-man fan
Arlington Fellowship is looking for a 1st scrimmage on Aug 15/16.
We are young.
We would like to host a three team scrimmage but are willing to travel if local.

Please contact Coach Harris at [email protected].
Hey guys. Still looking for a scrimmage. I haven't had to do last minute scheduling for a few years. But I've come a little late to Fellowship so I'm behind the gun now.

Does anyone have a scrimmage they would like to add a team to? I would like to get this finalized before Friday if possible.

Thanks and God Bless,

Coach Harris
Yes. I have a team coming to my place, however, I REALLY would like to have a three team scrimmage. It just seems to work great that first week.

Interested? If so drop me an email.

Coach Harris
coach do you still need a team for your first scrrimage. if you are we would be interest in being the three team. thanks coach peoples from universal academy or called caoch camel @ 469-628-1904
scrimmage has been filled. Thank you for the responses.

Now, lets go train up these young men into Godly men!

Coach Harris