1st day of practice


Six-man fan
well, how did the first day go? We had a record amount of kids turn out today (16) and thats with 3 or 4 kids not being able to come to practice for various reasons. We have never had this kind of turnout. It should be fun to have that many kids to run a practice everyday. Now, as far as how the day went, we did not even touch a football today at practice, we just did a lot of conditioning work, I am sure we will have alot of sore kids tomorrow and for the rest of the week at least. But, I was very satisfied with the work ethic the kids brought to the field today. May the Lord bless each and every program this year. coach davis

its to early in the season to get a good estimate of teams success. I commend you on being so confident in your teams ability, but I wouldnt be claiming that yall are going to dominate. The beauty of football is a team that everbody counted out can easily bring out a quality program from nowhere. Any team can be the next state champion. I believe Freddy can go all the way, but don't count out the other teams.