Six-man expert
OK, I just wanted to post on here and explain why I will not be online much for the rest of the day and evening....

Today, 11-11-11, is my 11th anniversary to my lovely wife, Tara. Yes, I am a number nerd, but this was not planned... 11 years ago, right before the wedding we somehow realized that 11-11-11 would be our 11th, so we agreed that if we were still married, we would throw a party for this special day. So tonight we will have some friends and family over to celebrate 11 years of marriage! I do imagine I will be sneaking peeks at my phone (she knows who she married).

I know many others celebrate 11-11 for more patriotic reasons and Tara and I are grateful for that. We will raise a glass tonight for all veterans, whose duty to our country has given us the opportunity to celebrate our special day. To any veterans out there--thank you.

As I like to remind people, please drive carefully this weekend. Sometimes those trips are a bit longer during the playoffs, the deer are out on the roads in full force and emotions are high for out teams... BE CAREFUL.

Have a great weekend
11-11-11=11, here's to another 11 and all the Vet's out there.
So if 6,6,6 is the sign of the Devil is 11-11-11 the sign of the Guru(s)?
Congratulations, Granger.

On a semi-related note, My wife and I will be married 21 years on 11/16/12. Score one for unplanned chaos, which is precisely how both of our kids got here.