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Tyler HEAT Heat 2019 football schedule

Week 1 Trinidad 20 Tyler HEAT 7
Week 2 Tyler HEAT 45 Tyler East Texas Christian 0
Week 3 Tyler HEAT 53 Longview Trinity 26
Week 4 Apple Springs 32 Tyler HEAT 12
Week 5 Tyler HEAT 65 Longview Christian Heritage 26
Week 6 Tyler HEAT 42 Fruitvale 26
Week 7 Tyler HEAT 55 Johnson County Sports Association 6
Week 8 Tyler HEAT 60 Tyler King's Academy 12
Week 9 Tyler HEAT 45 Plano CHANT 0
Week 10 Tyler HEAT 51 Tyler Willow Bend 6
Week 11 Midland Trinity 28 Tyler HEAT 19

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TAIAO Division I

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