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    Schedule Info Needed

    Richland Springs now has a Bye this week and Feast is playing Rankin. Don't know when or where.
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    Thank you, I appreciate that.
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    Nueces Canyon plays @ Richland Springs on Friday the 17th @ 7:00 P. M.
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    D2 Bracket

    Playoff site for Calvert(H)/Richland Springs(V) should be Hico instead of Gatesville according to text from Coach Burkhart @ 9:30PM 11/23/20.
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    Mt. Enterprise

    Didn't see anything about Griff but Matthew had nine carries for 71 yards and one TD for the Carlisle Indians in their 12 to 0 win over Alto.
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    Richland Springs vs Crowell 9/11/20

    The game was scheduled to be played in Throckmorton on Thursday 9/10/20. Throckmorton advised the field was too wet, so the game was cancelled.
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    Shootout Going On

    Rankin lead early, the the score was tied a time or two maybe more but McLean pulled ahead at the end.
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    RS vs Calvert ?

    Only about 15 seconds.
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    Richland Springs Vs Milford

    Wind is forecast 9MPH@7pm, 8mph@8pm and 6mph @ 9pm. Would not think that would be that much of a factor, 51 degrees might make a difference but should be ideal football weather.
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    Richland Springs Vs Milford

    WVBacker:This team is short three players from last year's championship team, two seniors and one junior who moved.
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    Richland Springs Vs Milford

    90sLedgend, let's see who won Div.2 state in 2010?
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    Division II Region IV

    I see only three top rated teams in Region Four.
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    Varsity FINALS ONLY -- week 10 -- 2016

    Not posting a reply, just want to ask a question. Guthrie was supposed to play Patton Springs Thursday. I have not been able to find the score. Can someone help?
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    Highest Scoring Games

    Firehog: Don't know the greatest difference but one would be:RS 96 Eden 0