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    Documentary SIX MAN, TEXAS released!

    Congrats! Just bought mine and watching it...I remember watching it online I think via the Santa Fe Film Festival
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    Coach Gary Rickard

    Sad news
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    Who could or should add football

    Priddy played beat by Pflugerville 92-0 in 1955...yes six-man
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    Fort Worth Covenant Christian Wins Championship on 40 Yard Field Goal !

    I completely forgot about this one...1994 Regional playoff game Amherst tied Meadow 12-12 with a long FG as time expired and advanced on penetration points.
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    Fort Worth Covenant Christian Wins Championship on 40 Yard Field Goal !

    To win a title makes it so amazing! Only been a handful of regular season games that ended that was...Rule beat Calvert in Hico on a walkoff GW FG (30+) and Blackwell beat Panther Creek for a district title on a GW FG thats the only other 2 I can think of
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    Toughest Region

    The Toughest Region: For my money it is the Artic Region
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    8 man??

    Tebo is pretty spot on there Also here is possibly the last varsity 8man game in Texas...well at least half a game....1998 Gordon v Powers, OR Also a playlist of some old Texas 8man games including 1962 Booker v Borden County and 1963 Jayton v Forsan and 1975 Leakey v Harrold
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    8 man??

    Also the QB can run the ball in 8man FootballFan21 - And it is only a drastic step from 11man to 6man if you make it drastic...honestly it really is not that drastic if you do it right...just people like to THINK it is and say things like that. You start 2 years before you are eligible with...
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    8 man??

    another reason 8man went the way of the dinosaurs in Texas had to do with how spread out the districts had become in both 6man and 8man, if it came back that would be a problem isnt coming back... at best 20-25 schools would want that and a good number of those would be 11man schools...
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    8 man??

    The coaches association was the 6man and 8man coaches association and when the UIL decided they would be cutting one of the two they left it up to the association to decide and there were more 6man schools than 8man and the logic of if you are a small school and having trouble fielding a team...
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    Friday night games near Denton?

    Strawn will end the game early by mercy rule so if you want to see one of the best teams six-man teams in state (the best if you ask me) and get home early go to that game...Springtown is a quick trip from Denton. Plus Strawn has a whole TV show based around them if they are shooting season 3...
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    Van Horn - 1939 State Champions?

    Since Van Horn won upset Garden City last week and will be looking to do the same to Sterling City this week, I thought it would be a good time to remember Van Horn's first great 6man team that won the "unofficial state championship" in 1939
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    Interesting history of two active 6-man coaches

    Former Oglesby coach Ray Martin (and girls basketball coach at Mary Hardin-Baylor) was also instrumental in bringing football to UMHB
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    PSA: UIL Has Incorrect Bracket

    Just glad they corrected almost all of it today on their website (has been wrong for weeks)
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    PSA: UIL Has Incorrect Bracket

    Update they have corrected some of it but still have the 2nd round called Regional when the actually Regional Championship game is the 3rd round