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    Devils Identity

    I couldn’t agree more. Rankin played a very good game and had a great game plan. It’s obvious the kids are hungry and you guys have a great coaching staff. Rankin will be a tough match for anyone, including us, if we get the opportunity to play again. I hope you guys stay healthy and good luck...
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    Who will shock the world

    We scrimmaged Whitharral and I was impressed with their squad. They have some good athletes with some good speed. I think Coach Jeremy Holt is doing a great job with them. I believe we will be hearing about them some this year. Once his kids learn his system and aren’t having to think so much...
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    Open JV games needed for Westbrook

    We are looking for JV games for our second JV team. We will be smaller and mostly freshmen. Week 1 8-25 at Westbrook Week 2 Needs to be a Tuesday game can travel Week 6 any day can travel Week 7 10-6 at Westbrook Week 8 Needs to be a Tuesday game can travel Week 9 10-20 at Westbrook Week...
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    Numbers Thread

    Westbrook 39
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    Turf Chalk

    Many times in the playoffs, we play on eleven man fields. When that happens, we use turf chalk to mark our lines. Below is just one example. The chalk comes off either with wear or with water.
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    Six Man teams on the cover on Dave Campbell's

    I will let you know when we receive them. Our booster club will be selling them. I will make sure you have access to one. Thanks.
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    Westbrook is looking for Scrimmage 1.

    Westbrook is needing the first scrimmage for the 22 season. We can host or travel. Thanks 325-933-0235 Homer Matlock
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    Westbrook looking for scrimmage 1 and week 5 game.

    Westbrook is looking for a scrimmage on that first scrimmage date. We are also looking for a week 5 game. Either the scrimmage or game can be home or away. Thanks and have a great day. 3259330235 Homer Matlock
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    Westbrook Looking for a week 5 game

    Westbrook is looking for a week five game. It could be an away game as well. Thanks 325-933-0235
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    Westbrook JV Needing a game

    Westbrook JV is needing a home game on 9-17. Thanks and have a great day. Coach Matlock 325-933-0235
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    First day numbers

    Westbrook 28
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    Westbrook JV Needing a game

    Westbrook Jv is needing a game week 3. We are also looking for a jv scrimmage on 8-20. If you are interested please let me know. Homer Matlock 325-933-0235 Thanks