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    Oakwood vs BCA BCA is in TAPPS and won’t be starting their season for a couple of weeks. Oakwood (I heard they were struggling to find numbers.
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    What do you hate to defend (and how to stop it) ?

    In 11-man speed option is always a killer because of the numbers and reading the End or OLB. You can roll a safety to be the pitchman if you know it is coming like against single and double wing teams, but out of the spread it can be very tough to stop. But you have to be committed to it...
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    Cut block on XP

    umm... might want to scratch that guy. He is going to get someone hurt. Surely you did not have a one man crew, did you ask any of the other refs about it?
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    National Anthem Protest

    HAHAHA. You posted your number on public site and you are surprised that you are getting "hang up calls" and blocked phone calls. People are deplorable and anytime they can take advantage and cause others misfortune, that is exactly what is going to happen. "Anyone that has seen my posts on...
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    National Anthem Protest

    You missed my point. My point was that you constantly run him down and what do you get out of it? Some sort of satisfaction? I have been cancelled on before, everyone that is a HFC has, but get over it. It is a very simple process,don't schedule them again. I couldn't pick Coach Swartz out...
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    National Anthem Protest

    Dude, you are a coward! You are on this board calling people out, calling people names, everytime Coach Swartz posts you remind them of how he cancelled on you, etc. Then someone makes a joke about how you are a "tough guy," and then you threaten to sue them. You deserve to "have someone...
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    Can I agree with both of you at the same time? There is no loyalty in the world as a whole anymore. This is why people leave jobs, cheat on their spouses, etc. However, faulting anyone for leaving to better themselves to move up the ladder, get closer to in-laws, move further away from...
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    Coaching Carousel

    Chester will be lead by Coach Gary Beam of Sidney. No idea who replaced him at Sidney
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    1A College signings? (Any sport, Girls-or-Boys.)

    Chris Carter of Chester ISD Track Scholorship to McPherson College in Kansas.
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    Chester Head Football/AD

    Again, if any of you have any questions reguarding this positition, feel free to contact me Great Kids, Great Community.
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    Chester Head Football/AD

    Chester ISD PO Box 28 Chester, TX 75936 Superintendent: Wayne Ivey 936-969-2211 The successful candidate must possess excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills. Could potentially be a Head Baseball or Basketball Coach as well, depends on how...
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    Coaching Carousel

    Thank you for the kind words coach, did you get the money I sent you? Haha. Yes, I am leaving Chester ISD to go home, to Barbers Hill ISD. This was not an easy decision, but my wife and I felt like it was the right decision for us. Chester is a great town and a great community, whomever...
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    1A track results

    Oh it's true! They were asking us to pay for our results. Joke! They also had to rerun the boys 100 meter prelims because they fouled up on the gun and there were 4 world records set. But when do they decide to do that... Not at the conclusion of the prelims, like EVERYONE has done in the...
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    1A track results

    We couldn't even get region 4 results in region 4. Worst ran regional meet I have ever been to.
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    The Elephants in the Room

    It is ridiculous to expect a coach to drive 3-10 hours one way for an interview and NOT give him or her the courtesy of a thanks but no thanks call. It should not be that uncomfortable for either party. If you can't handle letting someone down easily, you should not be an administrator.