Week 4 Scores

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To see, or submit, live updates, check out the live scoreboard.

To see, or post, varsity finals as they come in, see the score central thread.

Varsity final scores will also be posted on the main scores page.

Rankings and Spreads Updated

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The latest rankings and spreads have been posted!

EDIT: Because there were a handful of scores added, including some from previous weeks, I've re-ran the rankings. I'll always try my best not to do this in the middle of the week but since it was still Monday I wanted to go ahead and get things updated again. If you notice your ranking, or spreads, are different than they were yesterday (or even earlier today), this is why.

Weekly Map Updated

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The weekly map has been updated for week 4! Also, I made a change to the map so that it shows the date/time for the game being played. Please note that the dates/times may not be correct in all cases and may change at any time.

Click here to view the weekly map.

Week 2 Rankings + Rankings by Division

The week 2 rankings have been added. Please note that, since there are still a few scores outstanding, these rankings could change if several of those scores come in.

Also, I've now added the rankings by division. The divisions/districts weren't updated in the database so I've updated those the best I could. If you notice any that are wrong, please either send me a private message or post the changes in the rankings by division - wrong divisions thread in the message boards.

Rankings and Spreads

The rankings and spreads are now up! Please note that I'm aware that they may not be as accurate as they could be, but they should get better as the season rolls along, and hopefully I'll get better at this as the years go along. For now, though, this is what we've got!

I'm going to work on getting the rankings by division up and going next. Hopefully that will be finished by the end of the week, and before next week's rankings are ready to come out. Until then, let's have fun with what we've got!

New Number for Scores

Don't forget, there is now a new number to text with score updates. The new number is (940) 412-1412.

Scores text messaged to this number will show up on the live scoreboard.
For varsity final scores, put those in the score central message board thread.

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