Water Valley J.V.

Outstanding job last night against Klondike! Made me a little nervous when we spotted them 6 points after the opening kickoff, but our defense controlled the game. Keep up the good work Wildcats! Looks like Sterling City is next!
Looking forward to some more hard hitting from the Water Valley JV team and also the Junior High... Go get after those Mountaineers!!

JV takes on Garden City again this Thursday. Practice hard and sharpen your claws this week Cats as those Bearkats will come out fightin' when you get'm cornered up in their own den!!

Congratulations JV on your fine win against Klondike last night. Wow.... the Cougars were plagued with turnovers and you guys capitalized on every one of them.

Water Valley 46
Klondike 0

I hope you guys find a team to play for week 10, but if not... you guys have had a fantastic football season that you should be very proud of.
Yes---it looks like Thursday will be a full night of football--Jr. High, JV, then Varsity. Let's hope it makes for some exciting games. Go Falcons!