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Awesome job on these, Kade. I have a suggestion.................get Roddy Maddox if you can. He's one of the all time great coaches and Christian men you'll ever find.

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appreciate the comments Coaches. Coach Holloway I will see what I can do. Could you contact me his contact information please sir?

Due to some new information we had to change our name from "The Coaches Lounge" to "Coaching Interrupted".

Episodes are still the same and available and we are still found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor.

We just interviewed Randy Jackson who is the Head Football Coach at North Forney and has written 2 books (culture defeats strategy and culture defeats strategy 2) I highly recommend buying those books and give this episode and listen. Like and subscribe, share to others. (This link has all available episodes and you can click on whichever app or platform (apple, Spotify anchor) you want to listen to.

Thank you all and God Bless
Coach Kittley

Coach Kade Kittley

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We recap Season 1 on this episode. We briefly go through each episode stating some of the important points and golden nuggets on the episodes. If you are just now joining Coaching Interrupted this would be a good episode to listen to to get caught up and if there is an episode that really intrigues you give it a listen.

Our first episode for Season 2 will be with Former Richland Springs Stud Tyler Ethridge. Be looking forward to that.

Thank you all for the support. We appreciate it.

God Bless

Coach Kade Kittley

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We talk to Canadian ISD Defensive Coordinator Andy Cavalier. He talks about his life, what he learned from his Father who coached at Pampa ISD, and how he relates to today’s kids and players. Enjoy the show!

One gold nugget from the show:
3 things to do to be successful in Sports and in Life:

1: Show Up Everyday - Be Dependable
2: Have A Good Attitude
3. Work Hard

If you do these three things everyday you will put yourself in the best possible position to succeed in everything you do!!! ... ier-efi386