Sands vs. Ira

tigerrogers15":320biv5b said:
Who do you think will win against Ira and Sands?
First off you need to get your Districts right, Secondly did you skip school at Sands today and decided to BLOW UP the message boards?
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red88":aovq82ty said:
good luck to the mustangs,but I dont think they stand a chance Ira by 30!!!
you sure because Sands can handle teams like Ira even if their defense is not that great
The only thing I can say is, Sands will have to bring their AAA defensive game to be able to beat Ira. I know Sands has a solid offense but Ira has one of the best offenses and defenses in the state period, and they have one of the best RB's in the state bar none. So with that said I think it will be a very very exciting game between two of the best teams in the state. I still have Ira for the win though, they will be ready on both sides of the ball, the question is will Sands be ready for Ira's offensive powerhouse, we will see Friday night
You are so young and naive. Now run along to recess why the adults talk some football. Does anybody not see water valley coming out of this region? Ira is ok but we beat them in jr high, already beat rankin who beat bc, already beat sands, so any thoughts would be entertaining.
Beat Sands at Water Valley by 2 tds with an #25. Beat Rankin at Water Valley with one of their best players injured. I definitely like your chances but every week it is 50/50 so figure your odds. That comes to a 20% chance of u winning state.
Excuses, excuses, excuses, i do believe we beat both of you. We have gotten better weekly by bigger bounds than anyone n the state because our coaches have finally instilled in these young men what it takes to be a football player. Sorry but the fact of t&e matter is we no longer have athletes but athletes that are football players which doesnt bode well for the likes of you.