Pistol formation in Six-Man

Hot Springs High School in Montana has an excellent Pistol Offense. They won the State Championship this year 77-0 and easily dominated competition all season (reference MaxPreps for scores). They used to be co-oped with a neighboring town that was bigger and they used the Pistol formation as an 11 man offense. After they split off two years ago their coach modified it to fit the 6 man game. It helps to have a lot of good athletes but they never used a true fullback. They always had two lineman, the so called fullback would be slot to the same side as the tight end and the opposite end would be split out so as to spread the defense and utilize their speed. There is infinite options for plays out of it. If anyone would like to see film on it just let me know and I can send it down. Like the earlier comment, I think you have to commit to using it 90% of the time for it to be successful, like Hot Springs did.
Coaching middle school 6 man this season got the offer to be head coach next season. Team has about 5 wins in the last several seasons, looking to really switch things up next season. Would love to see the footage!