Parcells Retires

Wow, wasnt really expecting that one, I knew there was a possibility but I really thought hed be back one more year.

Ken Whisenhut is still out there, so is Ron Rivera. Jim Mora is a west coast offense guy and the Cowboys have alot of offensive weapons to make it work.

Do you think with Parcells gone the Cowboys will stick to the 3-4 or do you think they will bring in someone who runs the basic 4-3??? The past couple years of the draft Parcells has gone after 3-4 type guys. If they do bring in someone to run the 4-3 will they have to spend even more in free agency to fill the holes?

I cant remember was Marty Shotenheimer let go?
I'll give Parcells credit for staying and working as long as he did for Smiley Jones,Just another puppet on a string,,
Wonder if Parcells had any say so in the Signing of,He Drop it,T.O.
Bill Cowher,Kinna Doubt it..
Why do they even waste money on hiring a coach when Jerry Jones runs the team anyways? Seems like a huge waste if you ask me. Spend that money on something productive, like a few more water boys.
My real thought is that Jerry is going to go CHEAP this round. He's now probably wishing Sean Payton was still sround on his staff. He'll grab an up and coming assistant somewhere.

As someone who grew up an Oilers fan, I really hope it is someone completely insane like Houston Nutt. To me the drama is fun to watch.

I have no strong ties to any team these days. After the Oilers left, I couldn't like the Titans, despite Jeff Fischer being a heck of a coach. Vince is starting to change that, but rooting for a team from Tennessee seems a bit weird. I cannot stand the Texans as they appear unable to put a quality product out there.
Heard a caller call in today and suggested Mike Leach,said Leach would work well with Romo,Norm Hitzges replied quickly "No Way'

Interesting note,The Cowboys will be looking for there 7th coach in History,Smiley Jones will have hired 6 of how many years? :twisted: :evil:

Personally i would love to see ol Jerry put the Headset on and give it a try..Failed Bit